The Amazon is one of the largest regions that we can find in Ecuador, with a tropical climate, rainy that changes constantly and thanks to the abundant vegetation that manages to generate pure air throughout the territory.


Efficiently attend, with clear, accurate and updated legal criteria and reports, legal advice required by the Municipality of Arajuno, both through its internal organs, and in institutional relations with third parties, keeping in mind permanently, in all cases, the instrumental nature of the municipality for the realization of the common good, and the citizen as the axis and recipient of municipal actions.
Abg. Mayra Tello

Plan, execute and evaluate compliance with the Development Plan and Territorial Ordering and the Land Use and Management Plan, incorporating active citizen participation, to consolidate favorable and productive environments for the realization of the human being, within a framework of environmental sustainability, to guarantee the growth and orderly use of the territory and promote the execution of projects that guarantee the sustained and sustainable growth of the city and the canton

Arq. Fabián Gordon

Make the cantonal development plans effective and carry out the construction of works approved and prioritized in the Development Plan and Territorial Organization, Annual Operational Plan, and those that are arranged by the Executive of the Cantonal Decentralized Autonomous Government in case of emergencies or disasters.

Ing. Luis Peña

It formulates and implements financial control schemes, subject to the provisions of the Organic Code of Planning and Public Finance and the Organic Law of the General State Comptroller's Office, technical standards for internal control and more of GADMIPA's own standards. Provides quality technical advice on tax finance matters to the Institution's authorities and officials.

Ing. Santiago Martínez

Promote organizational development, through administrative processes that guarantee the satisfaction of internal and external users of GADMIPA, and that guarantee logistical support, adaptation, cleaning and technical maintenance and security to municipal areas and assets.

Ing. Javier Espinoza

Contribute to the improvement of the local economy through actions in the fields: Social, cultural, sports, tourism, economic, intercultural and cooperation; For which, it will comply with the planning, management, coordination, promotion, execution and evaluation stages demanded by the economic and social development of the Arajuno canton, leading decentralized processes to promote the change of the Productive Matrix in the Canton.

Atty. Gonzalo Guacho